Show Results
NCMGA Shows 1 & 2
Smithfield, NC
Dairy Queen--1st and 2nd out of 4
Kirk--1st and Reserve Champion Yearling Both Shows
Keystone Classic Boer Goat Shows
Centre Hall, PA
Dairy Queen--6th out of 28 (1st Show)
Snow God--4th out of 12 (2nd Show)
Kirk--1st and Reserve Champion Yearling (2nd Show)
Firecracker Classic Shows
Martinsburg, WV
Dairy Queen (R): 2 (21) -2nd Show
Influenza (L) (Shown by Rachel Boggs): 5th (14)-1st Show
Snow God--5th (15)-1st Show
Shenandoah Valley Showdown
Harrisonburg, VA
1st place, Reserve Champion Yearling, Overall Reserve Champion Doe (1st Show);
1st place, Champion Yearling Fullblood Doe (2nd Show)
Goodness--2nd, 3rd, and 3rd of 9
Kirk--3rd of 12 all 3 shows
Firecracker Classic
Martinsburg, WV
Goodness-1st of 5 and 3rd of 6
Rockingham County Fair
Harrisonburg, VA

Goodness--Champion Senior FB Doe, Overall Champion FB Doe
Snow God--Champion Junior Buck
Overall Reserve Champion Buck
Kirk--Champion Senior Buck,Overall Champion Buck, Best Boer Goat in show.
I don't have many show pictures from this year, but Machete has
picked up 7 ABGA points this spring and summer, including class
wins at Harrisonburg, the May show in West Virginia, and the
Keystone Classic Show in Pennsylvania, and he was the Reserve
Champion Yearling Buck in both shows at the Firecracker Classic.

Pristine (Snow God x Spotless) won the 0-3 fullblood doe class in
both shows at the Firecracker classic, and several other goats have
ribboned this year, including Dairy Queen (right) who had a third
out of 11 in Pennsylvania.

Also, Sarah's Naughty Boers Klean Sweep, owned by Jessica Rion,
was the Senior Champion Buck at all three shows at the
Shenandoah Valley Showdown in September.
2011 Rockingham County Fair
Goodness was the Champion Fullblood Doe (for the 2nd year in a row) and
Machete was the Champion Buck at the Rockingham County Fair, with over
100 goats shown.  I also won all three specialty classes--doe and offspring
(Trionfante and Attacca), produce of dam (Trionfante and Quasi--out of
Miracle), and get of sire (Goodness, Trionfante, and Isis--out of Caesar),
with Pristine, Clyde, and Quasi taking second (out of Snow God).
Mom and Glenn took Attacca to the Harrisonburg shows on
5/12 & 5/13 for me since I was still at college.  She placed
4th in her class of 18 in the 3rd show under Julie Brown.
The picture was taken in Pennsylvania a few weeks later.
2012 Rockingham County Fair

2012 was another good year for me at the fair.  Here's the six goats
who got titles--and all were raised on the place:

Fine:  6-9 month fullblood does--1st (out of 14)
Champion Junior Fullblood Doe
Attacca:  18-24 month fullblood does--1st
Champion Senior Fullblood Doe
Overall Champion Fullblood Doe
Best Boer Goat in Show
Trionfante:  24 months plus fullblood does--1st (out of 7 or 8)
    Reserve Champion Senior Fullblood Doe
    Overall Reserve Champion Fullblood Doe
Thor:  6-9 month bucks--1st
Champion Junior Buck
Overall Champion Buck
Stretto:  6-9 months bucks--2nd
Reserve Champion Junior Buck
Clyde:  12-18 month bucks--1st
Champion Senior Buck
Overall Reserve Champion Buck
Attacca                                  Thor                                          Clyde
Fine                                          Trionfante                                 Stretto
2012 Firecracker Classic:  Machete
won his class in the first show and was
the senior reserve champion buck, and
he placed 4th in the second show and
second in the third (all classes of 6).
Den Den had 3 class wins, a junior
division championship under David
Carter, and a reserve junior division
win under Kipp Brown at the 3
Firecracker Classic shows over the 4th
of July.
One week earlier, Den Den earned his
first points with a class win followed by
a reserve junior championship under
Robert Dinsmore, and Ace placed 2nd
in both shows.
and we had started off the year with
the 5 shows in one weekend at the
BGANC Boer Blitz, where Thor had 5
senior division championships and
Attacca had 3 class wins and reserve
senior division wins, which earned Kirk
lots of progeny points.
Den Den finished out his career as a junior buck with a class win under Jason Brashear in the 2nd
show at the Shenandoah Valley Showdown in Harrisonburg, VA, and followed it up with a class win,
junior championship, and overall reserve title under Scott Pruett in the 3rd show!  These were right
after he finished breeding does.  Thus, he earned an overall reserve champion, two junior
champions, and three junior reserve champion titles (one at the Dixie Nationals before I bought him)
as a junior buck, plus placings at the American Premier and Yellow Rose shows at the Fort Worth
Stock Show.
Den Den had a phenomenal month of May, earning 63 points from
wins including:
  • Overall grand at the WV Boer Goat Blitz Classic (Show 1)
    under Cathrine Riley
  • Overall reserve at the Delmarva Classic (Show 2) under   
    Kent Davidson
  • Overall reserve at the WV Boer Goat Blitz (Show 3) under
    Rusty Lee
  • Overall reserve at the TSGPA Mid-Summer Showdown   
    (Show 2) under Sammy Lerena
He finished out his show career at the Firecracker Classic, where he
was beaten by Ace, but he did manage a reserve yearling behind
Ace in show 3.  He currently has 88 ABGA points,
It took Ace a little longer to get started this spring,
especially in early May when he was in the same class as
Den Den.  He did manage a class win at the TSGPA
Mid-Summer Classic (Show 1) under Jason Brashear, but
really put weight on in June.  At the Firecracker Classic,
he was reserve yearling in shows 1 and 2 (Jeremy
Church and Ron Dilley), and was champion yearling and
reserve overall in show 3 (Josh Stephans).  He also did
well in the fall, with a yearling reserves at the Maryland
State Fair and Shenandoah Valley Showdown shows 3 &
4, and then he finished his show career with two yearling
division wins and an overall reserve under Kent
Davidson at the Great Frederick Fair.  He has 28
individual ABGA points.
Mr. Clean completed our trifecta of champion bucks in 2015.  
As Ace's eldest son, he started off his show career with a junior
division reserve at the Delmarva Classic under Kent Davidson,
had a class win in July at the Firecracker Classic, and then had
a stellar fall, with six class wins out of seven shows at the
Maryland State Fair, Shenandoah Valley Showdown, and the
Great Frederick Fair, and adding junior division reserves at the
Maryland State Fair and Shenandoah Valley Showdown show
1, junior division grands at the Shenandoah Valley Showdown
shows 2 and 4 and both shows at the Great Frederick Fair,
overall reserves at the Shenandoah Valley Showdown show 4
and show 2 at the Great Frederick Fair, and earned an overall
grand in the first show at the Great Frederick Fair under Kent
Davidson.  He earned 57 ABGA points, and is now owned by
Alisa & Lance Gladstone of Bent Oak Manor Boer Goats.
Gleam was our 4th individual point earner for the year,
earning a class win and junior division reserve at the
Delmarva Classic under Kent Davidson. While this was
her only point-earning occasion for the year, she
continued to place well and was very close to points on
several occasions, including a 4th place finish out of 22
at the Maryland State Fair.  She held her own against
several does that placed at nationals throughout the
year, and she'll be back next year.
While she didn't earn any points, Audition also had a
good year, earning several placings in classes of
20+, and she's only getting better as she grows up.  
She and Gleam also won the best pair of fullblood
doe kids at the Maryland State Fair.
We had a great 2015, and we hope we can build upon that success as we move towards the 2016 show season!  We
had 3 bucks earn overall grand or reserve titles, and have 3 more bucks to take their places in the show ring.