Here are just a few pictures of
some of my past and present kids.
Past years
Dairy Queen (6 hours)
Dairy Queen (2.5 weeks)
Snow God (3.5 weeks)
Dairy Queen (6 weeks)
2010 Kids
But Mom....  The ground is boring, and I like climbing the walls!
2011 Kids
Ullr (Kirk x Gaea)
Justice (Kirk x Goodness)
Independence (Kirk x Goodness)
Precious (Kirk x Goodness)
Attacca (Kirk x Trionfante)
Giocosa (Snow God x Allegretto (FAITH S117 x Mandy))
Coda (the smallest Kirk x Miracle triplet) at 2 days.
Fine (the second Kirk x Miracle doe kid) at 2 days.
Destiny (Kirk X Goodness) and her brother at a few hours old.  Their thickness is already evident!
This is Machete's doe kid (Wendy) out
of Dairy Queen.  Picture at 3.5 weeks.
2011-2012 Season
2012-2013 Season
Melody (Machete x Attacca
A pile up
Triplet does--Justice x Miracle
Twins out of Machete x Mandy
Doe in front, buck behind
2013-2014 Season
2014-2015 Season