The Does
of Sarah's Naughty Boers
-----------------Sir S. African Stud #2558
----------Oscar **Ennobled**
-----------------S. African Stud #F263
-----SLG TCF Tobias
-----------------Big Boy
----------96241004 SLG
-----------------95268000 EGG
GTFM Mandy
-----------------South Africa Stud #994-370
-----------------S. African Stud #994-3
-----GTFM Madison
-----------------South Africa Stud #105-102
-----------------South Africa Stud #105-103
We lost Mandy 4/15/13, but considering she kidded 9 times with a total of 20 kids, all of whom
survived to weaning, and almost half of my brood does trace back to her, I think she gets to stay
on the page.  We'll miss you, girl (even if we don't miss your jumping!)            DOB: 1/17/04
Here is a small sample of my does.
More coming soon!
-----------------LSJM "TCF Turbo"
----------BBRF Turbo Charger
----------------- BBRF
-----DR BG Shadowfax
-----------------BBRF Harley
----------LCCF Miss Piggy
-----------------TCF Laura
SNB1 Mandy's Miracle
-----------------Oscar **Ennobled**
----------SLG "TCF Tobias"
-----------------96241004 SLG
-----GTFM Mandy
----------GTFM Madison
Miracle is not the most attractive doe in the herd.  She was a bottle baby that only weighed 1 lb 9 oz
at birth, and gave herself an open fracture on her front left leg while raising her first kid.  However,
she has now had 25 kids (a single and 8 consecutive sets of triplets!), including Trionfante (dam of
Attacca and 2012 Rockingham County Fair Reserve Champion Fullblood Doe), Fine, the Champion
Jr Doe at the 2012 Rockingham County Fair, and Stretto, the Reserve Champion Jr. Buck at the
2012 Rockingham County Fair (behind Thor).  She is the only Shadowfax daughter I have
left.                                                                                  DOB:  10/25/05.
-----------------Ryals Topbrass **Ennobled**
----------EGGS Little Blake
-----------------Eggstrasenory Perfection **Ennobled**
-----FAITH S117
-----------------Eggsorcist **Ennobled**
----------FAITH P475D
Sarah's Naughty Boers Trionfante
-----------------BBRF Turbo Charger
----------DR BG Shadowfax
-----------------LCCF Miss Piggy
-----SNB1 Mandy's Miracle
-----------------SLG "TCF Tobias"
----------GTFM Mandy
-----------------GTFM Madison
Trionfante is Miracle's first doe kid, and her only one out of Caesar.  I love her rib shape and
thickness, especially in her butt.  Trion has never been shown except at the fair, but I wish I'd shown
her with Goodness and Sparkle when they were all yearlings.  She has done quite well at the
fair--when Goodness was alive, she always placed right below her, but in 2012, she won the 24+
class and was the Reserve Champion Senior Doe and Reserve Champion Fullblood Doe behind her
daughter Attacca.  She is throwing very, very good kids, and is extremely low-maintenance!  I wish I
had more does like her,                                                                                                 DOB:  2/9/08
-----------------Eggstra Clip **Ennobled**
----------Eggstra Flashy Clip **Enn**, NGC-08
----------------- 3HM Flashy Dream
-----EGGS Big Kirk Y100
-----------------RRD Cannon **Ennobled**
----------Jerico Farms T94
-----------------Bette Davis Eyes **Ennobled**
SNB Kirk's Attacca
-----------------EGGS Little Blake
----------FAITH S117
-----------------FAITH P475D
-----Sarah's Naughty Boers Trionfante
-----------------DR BG Shadowfax
----------SNB1 Mandy's Miracle
-----------------GTFM Mandy
Attacca is quickly becoming one of my most influential brood does.  She has earned three ABGA
senior division reserve titles and passed her visual inspections, so I told her she was retired from the
show ring.  Additionally, she was the best boer goat in the show at the 2012 Rockingham County
Fair.  She is not yet 4 years old, but has already produced over $2300 in kids, not counting the
daughter I retained.  Hopefully she'll be a powerhouse for years to come.                     DOB:  2/14/11
-----------------JRA1 Agnew's Cash Reward **Ennobled**
----------AJBG Ruehl Breaker **Ennobled**
-----------------JRA1 Agnew's Athena
-----AJBG Agnew Machete
-----------------JRA1 Agnew's Spitfire **Ennobled**
----------AJBG Star Blazer
-----------------RBBG Pete's Vidalia (SA)
Sarah's Naughty Boers Exquisite
-----------------Oscar **Ennobled**
----------SLG "TCF Tobias"
-----GTFM Mandy
----------GTFM Madison
Exquisite is Mandy's last doe kid and is an excellent example of the elegance Machete throws.  We hope she
will produce like her dam and sisters!                                                                                          DOB:  1/8/13
-----------------JRA1 Agnew's Cash Reward **Ennobled**
----------AJBG Ruehl Breaker **Ennobled**
-----------------JRA1 Agnew's Athena
-----AJBG Agnew Machete
-----------------JRA1 Agnew's Spitfire **Ennobled**
----------AJBG Star Blazer
-----------------RBBG Pete's Vidalia (SA)
SNB Glitter
-----------------RRD Ruger T307 **Ennobled**
----------RRD V597
-----------------RRD T352
-----SNB1 Spotless
-----------------Hawain Punch Miller
----------M Klean
-----------------Star 7 N122
Glitter is a two-year-old Machete daughter.  She raised a set of twins by Ace in 2015 (Gleam and Mr.
Clean), and both have ABGA points.                                                                                 DOB:  1/11/13.
-----------------Ryals Topbrass **Ennobled**
----------EGGS Blake **Ennobled**
-----------------EGGStra Senory Perfection **Ennobled**
-----High "C" Harley **Ennobled**
-----------------JLF Rambo **Ennobled**
----------SEBG L129
-----------------SEBG Nico Botha Glipsie's 499
HC High C Monet **Ennobled**
-----------------EGGSfile **Ennobled**
----------EGGSpense Account **Ennobled**
-----------------EGGSpense-National Reserve Ch. 2000
-----HC EGGSalted Mona **Ennobled**
-----------------EGGSfile **Ennobled**
----------EGGS Markita **Ennobled**
Monet is all you could ever want.  She is ennobled and is the dam of HC FIXIT In a Flash **Ennobled**,
who has over 1150 offspring points, is a national class winner, and had a second top-ten placing at
nationals.  I am proud to have her in my herd.                                                             DOB:  6/17/06
More does coming soon!