Of Sarah's Naughty Boers
FAITH S117 (Caesar)  was born
4/11/04.  I bought him in the summer of
2005 from Faith Valley Farm.  He threw
many outstanding kids and was
extremely long.  He has passed dual
visual inspection for ennoblement.  He
was sold in August of 2008.    His
daughters have produced kids like
Snow God, Ullr, Thor, Justice, Attacca,
and Independence.
Reference Sires:  
--------------------Eggs Ryals Magnum **Ennobled**
----------Ryals Topbrass **Ennobled**
----------------RRD Nikita J34
-----Eggs Little Blake
----------------Eggsfile **Ennobled**
----------Eggstrasenory Perfection **Ennobled**
----------------Eggsplicit **Ennobled**
----------Eggsorcist **Ennobled**
-----FAITH P475D
----------------Eggsfile **Ennobled**
----------------DSM 9B159
Den Den and Skeeter
Kirk was my first EGGS buck and my first real show buck.  He
was a son of EGGStra Flashy Clip, the 2008 National Reserve
Champion Buck and his dam was a flushmate to Jerico Farms
Big John.  He threw some great kids, and his influence is still
quite strong in my herd.  Some of his more notable offspring
included Attacca, Thor, Snow God, and Ullr, and his daughters
Attacca and Destiny still reside in our herd.
--------------------JRA1 Agnew's Son of a Gun **Ennobled**
----------EGGStra Clip T363 **Ennobled**
----------------EGGS R909 **Ennobled**
-----EGGStra Flashy Clip NGC-08 **Ennobled**
----------------EGGStra Flashy
----------3HM Flashy Dream
----------------3H Dream On
EGGS Big Kirk Y100
----------------RRD Gunsmoke P502 **Ennobled**
----------RRD R898 Cannon **Ennobled**
----------------RRD P663 **Ennobled**
-----JFJ Jerico Farms T94
----------------EGGSorcist **Ennobled**
----------Jerico Farms Bette Davis Eyes **Ennobled**
----------------EGGS Maple **Ennobled**
EGGS Big Kirk Y100
EGGS Den Den C581
--------------------EGGS Tra Clip T363 **Ennobled**
----------EGGSTra Dimension Y372 **Ennobled**
----------------RRD P663 **Ennobled**
-----SGG Next Dimension **Ennobled**
----------------JFJ Jerico Farms Big John **Ennobled**
----------SGG Big Star
----------------SGG X2
EGGS Den Den C581
----------------EGGS EGGStra Flashy Clip **Ennobled**
----------HC Fix It In A Flash **Ennobled**
----------------HC High C Monet **Ennobled**
-----HC High C Jo
----------------EGGSPense Account **Ennobled**
----------HC High C Josephine
----------------HC EGGSalted Joanne
Den Den is one of my bucks from
Showstopper done.  He is a September
22, 2013-born son of Next Dimension.  
He has amassed 88 ABGA points of his
own, including an overall grand and 4
overall reserves, which makes him the 5th
highest pointed son of Next Dimension in
the country!  Den Den is rapidly
approaching his own ennoblement, with 5
fullblood kids with ABGA points, in
addition to a percentage doe.
EGGS Ace Up My Sleeve B608 **Ennobled**
--------------------EGGS EGGSTra Flashy Clip **Ennobled**
----------HC Fix It In A Flash **Ennobled**
----------------HC High C Monet **Ennobled**
-----EGGS FixIt's Ace Z389 **Ennobled**
----------------TX Holdem EGGS V636 **Ennobled**
----------EGGS X899
----------------EGGS V518 **Ennobled**
EGGS Ace Up My Sleeve B608 **Ennobled**
----------------JFJ Jerico Farms Big John **Ennobled**
----------EGGS Tra Big Check Y102 **Ennobled**
----------------EGGS Pensive Check W769
-----EGGS Z278 **Ennobled**
----------------EGGS Tra Clip T363 **Ennobled**
----------EGGS Tra Clique X023
----------------PF TX Holdem Full House
Ace Up My Sleeve is my second buck from
Showstopper Done.  He is a full brother to
EGGSCeeds EGGSPectations, and was a very
successful sire for us, earning his ennoblement with his
first 11 fullblood kids!  He currently has 28 ABGA
points of his own, including an overall reserve.  He also
has four kids with points, led by Mr. Clean, now owned
by Alisa Gladstone of Bent Oak Manor, who has 57
points of his own.  Sadly, we lost Ace in late August
2016, but his legacy will live on here.
AJBG Agnew Machete
Machete (b. 6/15/10) was my senior herdsire for 2012 and 2013.  I
bought him from Agnew Boer Goats at the Spring Fling Boer Goat Sale
in Perry, GA on March 26, 2011.

He was a 3/4 brother to MMLF Agnew Thirty Grand, the 2010 JABGA
National Champion Buck.  His sire, Ruehl Breaker, has well over 1000
ABGA offspring points.

In 2011, Machete had five class wins and was the Yearling Reserve
Champion Buck twice at ABGA sanctioned shows, and in 2012, he added
another class win and a Senior Reserve Champion Buck title to his
ABGA-sanctioned show winnings.  He currently has 11 individual points.

Machete was collected, and I have semen.  Email me if interested.  

We have 4 daughters in our herd--Melody, Glitter, Exquisite, and Honor.
--------------------RRD Gauge P529 **Ennobled**
----------JRA1 Agnew's Cash Reward **Ennobled**
----------------ABF Dottie **Ennobled**
-----AJBG Ruehl Breaker **Ennobled**
----------------Ryals Topbrass **Ennobled**
----------JRA1 Agnew's Athena
----------------EGGS Macey **Ennobled**
AJBG Agnew Machete
----------------EGGS Ryals Magnum **Ennobled**
----------JRA1 Agnew's Spitfire **Ennobled**
----------------RMR-SA-Kitty **Ennobled**
-----AJBG Star Blazer
----------------RBBG Pistol Pete (SA)
----------RBBG Pete's Vidalia (SA)
----------------RBBG Perfectly Grand (SA)
Both Den Den and Skeeter will be available for outside breeding for the 2015-2016 season.  Stud fees will be $375 per doe, with a
$75 break for does that I raised and sold or does registered at 75% or less.  If any kid produced from a live-cover mating earns at
least 5 ABGA points and is visually inspected, we will refund $100 of the stud fee.  Contact us for more information.

We also have semen on both Den Den and Ace.
URBG Benelli's Skeeter
--------------------RRD Brass Shot S916 **Ennobled**
----------RRD Ruger T307 **Ennobled**
----------------RRD R879
-----2M Boer Goats Benelli **Ennobled**
----------------SWE Main Event **Ennobled**
----------2DOX Splashed Up
----------------FSE 5056 Candy
URBG Benelli's Skeeter
----------------C S B Broken S Smokin Hot Ruger **Ennobled**
----------Quality Boer Smokin Hot Red Reload **Ennobled**
----------------Quality Boer Missy **Ennobled**
-----URBG Smoke's Hot Karma
----------------C S B Ruger Reloaded **Ennobled**
----------DSRS B06 **Ennobled**
----------------DSRS Rita's Missy
Skeeter is our new junior herdsire, who
was purchased from Mike & Marjeanna
Smith of 2MS Boer Goats.  He amassed
79 points during his junior show career,
and we'll likely take him out another time
or two just for fun.  He should cross well
on our Den Den daughters, and add a bit
more elegance than we generally see
with those heavy RRD Ruger genetics.